Would you like to join Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki, Istanbul, Lamia, Lisbon, Manchester and Rome and their local partners in the CitySDK network which will continue after the project finishes, to support the continued development and use of the toolkit?

The CitySDK network invites and welcomes cities to join the network of CitySDK API providers, through a letter of commitment. For developers, innovation agencies and others in cities,  your city’s commitment ensures you can build applications that scale across cities.

Members of the network can leverage the experiences gained and the work done through out the network when implementing the CitySDK APIs, but will also be able to contribute to the development of the toolkit.

The network will be facilitated by Forum Virium, Helsinki and the lead partners, Forum Virium, Waag Society and Lisbon city, will continue to support the 3 APIs.

If interested in joining, please fill in the following form in the first instance and we will keep you posted. Filling in the form does not bind you or your city in any way, it is a starting point for discussion between you and the CitySDK network.

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