CitySDK Brochure

The CitySDK Brochure gives an overview of the CitySDK project as well as introduces the three domains: Smart Participation, Smart Mobility and Smart Tourism.

Project Factsheet

In addition to the basic information about the CitySDK project, the fact sheet provides a short summary of the addressed challenge, an outline of the methodology, and expectations of results and impacts. Download CitySDK_Project Factsheet.

Project presentation

The Project presentation summarizes CitySDK activities, goals and outputs. Download CitySDK_Presentation.

CitySDK Newsletter

The first newsletter gives you a glimpse to the launch of the project in January 2012, and various developer events which have been organized by the Partners of the project. On the “Focus on” article, we take a closer look at the Participation Lead pilot in Helsinki. Read the CitySDK Newsletter 1

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CitySDK logo

From below you can download the CitySDK logo in JPG format.



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