Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki develops new digital services in collaboration with companies, the City of Helsinki and other public sector organisations, encouraging higher interaction between the parties. The services are developed and tested in cooperation with their end-users – the citizens. The aim is to create better services and new business, plus to open up contacts for international markets. Forum Virium Helsinki is owned by the City of Helsinki.

Forum Virium Helsinki manages development projects with concrete pilots enabling testing of the new services in practice. The projects are divided into the following Project Areas: Smart City, Wellbeing, Media, and Innovative Public Procurement.

Forum Virium Helsinki is the Project Coordinator of CitySDK and also contributes substantially to Smart Participation, producing the Lead Pilot in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and Sanoma publishing company. Forum Virium Helsinki also participates in themes Mobility and Tourism, by producing local replication Pilots, as well as in technical framework and dissemination.


Further information

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts
Development Manager
Tel. +358 40 647 9911
[email protected]

Administrative issues:
Annukka Varteva
Project Manager
Tel. +358 40 522 7407
[email protected]


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