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The city of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam) participates through the departments Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and Transport.  The department Economic Affairs coordinates the implementation of the Participation Open 311. The Infrastructure and Transport department is working closely together with Waag Society. One of their main tasks is opening up more transport data and providing them as Open Data.

The participation of the city of Amsterdam in the CitySDK project is related to the main city goal: to develop the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a smart city. A city is smart when investments in capital and communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, in combination with an efficient use of natural resources. Over the past three years, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has worked successfully on different projects to become a Smart City.


The city of Amsterdam is predominantly present in the participation pilots. And is manly engaged with harmonizing back end systems for citizens feedback applications like Youtown (2012). From April 2013 the City of Amsterdam starts working on the replication pilot together with Sanoma from Helsinki to make intelligent citizens feedback systems. And for that the city of Amsterdam delivers the back end systems and connects with SME’s who develop applications for that.

For the mobility part the City of Amsterdam is closely working together with Waag Society, for example organising user panels and providing Open Data. From December 2012 the City of Amsterdam is going to test the newly developed mobile services and will share the outcomes with other cities. For tourism the city of Amsterdam participates in the replication pilot of smart tourist guiding tools. Together with HvA the city of Amsterdam will test some smart sensors which will measuring some tourist movements / activities in the city. The sensors will generate open data for the city. The city of Amsterdam will be engaged to see how to use this data for mobile and tourism applications.

Main role and activities to be carried out

The City of Amsterdam is present in the three work packages as providing as much as open data sets for the Smart mobility and smart participation Work Packages. In the Dissemination Work Package we will work closely with Partners to maximise the impact of the project to the developer community, SMEs, and to the citizens.



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