Come to Istanbul for Hackathonist!

Nowadays, we see that the developer community is really interested in hackathon events all over the world in order to develop interesting and useful applications collaboratively.

These events are also named as “DevCamp”, “Hackday”, “CodeFest”, “Innovation Challenge”, “Unconference”, etc. in various cities. Now, a new name for the list: “HACKATHONIST”! Oganised by TAGES in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

HACKATHONIST will be held on November 1-3, 2013 in Istanbul and it will be intended to develop smart city applications by using CitySDK APIs on three domains: smart mobility, smart tourism and smart participation. The use of CitySDK APIs will be told and shown to the participated developers by the technical team of the Project.  Besides the CitySDK APIs, It is also planned to let the developers develop interesting and useful applications by using various APIs.

You can now register to HACKATHONIST through the following link: The place, agenda of the event and also the special prizes will be detailed and announced through TAGES website. If you would like to be informed about the event, please send your contact details to [email protected]

Please also visit the CitySDK website to get more information about the project: You can access the currently available CitySDK APIs through the following link

The developers page for the Istanbul “endpoint” can be found here.

Details in Turkish is available in

For further information about CitySDK and opendata in Istanbul see here.

We hope to see you at HACKATHONIST!Hackathonist_card_front


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