Dissemination and Impact

Lead Partner:Manchester City Council

The dissemination Work Package of the Smart City SDK will identify key stakeholder groups and ensure that the project reaches the widest possible targeted audience. In particular we will be creating a “step change” in the way that cities and developer communities are able to work together to create new services and products using “open data” through knowledge sharing around the best practices, APIs and tools being developed within the project.


The project’s Communications and Dissemination Plan will deliver a programme of active promotional activites aimed at ensuring the widest possible dissemination of the project’s activities and outcomes. This will build on the networking activities of the project, especially working through existing networks, including Eurocities and ENoLL, and through related projects, including FIREBALL. It will also involve direct promotional work using social media and social networking applications and tools. The dissemination will be ongoing throughout the project and will, in particular, include a range of activities to engage the developer communities within each of the participant cities.


Key to this will be the development, in collaboration with Partner cities, and with Manchester-based not-for-profit, FutureEverything, of a “roadshow” or “devcamps” which will enable developer communities to work together following the “open source” model of working. Devcamps and hack days have been successfully deployed in Manchester and other cities to quickly identify projects, involve digital communities in the development of services, and allow cities to access the innovation of their local development communities. By providing this on a European wide level we will take the project dissemination directly to the key communities within each city.

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