General Description

Intelligent Sensing Anywhere (ISA) is an international company specialized in Telemetry and Remote Asset Management, and a global leader in different market segments. ISA exports products, applications, and solutions in the fields of electronics, software development, telemetry, and control. Applications include Environment, Energy Efficiency, Building Management, Oil & Gas logistics and Healthcare. Founded in 1990 as a spin-off of the University of Coimbra, ISA employs over one hundred people, with offices in France, Spain, Germany and Brazil. The R&D centre is located in Portugal.

Relevant Competence for the project

ISA has been involved in several R&D projects. Some of those are: SAVE ENERGY project, where ISA is responsible for the implementation of the project Pilot and testing and the evaluation of the Lisbon Pilot. ENERsip project, where is leading the tasks of Monitoring and Control System, Communication implementation, Energy consumption discriminator, IR Control Box; and SPORTE2 project, where ISA is the technical coordinator leading the development of new algorithms in the energy management domain, develops the specifications and leads the smart metering. ISA is also responsible for the promotion of a living lab, ISaLL,which is an ENOLL approved Living lab.

Main role and activities to be carried out

ISA will contribute in WP2 to the requirements of the framework and definition of the data platforms, interfaces and methodology. Will also work in WP3 with its data collecting solution to provide a central data framework. In WP5 will provide the data collecting solution capable to provide standardized interfaces of tourism services. Finally, in WP6 ISA intents to be involved in the dissemination process and proposes disseminate the project among ISaLL Partners.


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