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General Description

IMM provides public services for around 15 million people in the fields of environment, transportation, city planning, water and waste management, infrastructure, road maintenance, health, housing, social activities, culture, education etc. on the area of 5196 km² that contains 39 district municipalities. At IMM, there are 20 Head Departments and 82 Directorates. IMM has totally 13377 employees and its income budget for 2011 is expected to be approximately 4 billion$.

Relevant Competence for the project

IBB Mobil (I.M.M. Mobile) is a mobile city portal that users install and get various type of online information about the city (timetables, traffic cameras, etc.) Users can also submit inquires and complaints via this application. IstanBUL is a mobile based map application. It is a mobile version of “Istanbul City Guide”. More generalized and simplified version. Users can find more than 30000 POIs and 68,000 streets.

IMM GIS is a map based in-house application that authorized users can view, inquire and create the data using their own web browser without having any special software.

 Main role and activities to be carried out

In Istanbul, Existing web-based IMM Travel Plan System will be added with the new components from the PTA and CitySDK, including most importantly Mobile PTA Application as well as open interfaces for 3rd party developers. Waag works on ensuring the PTA Application is deployable and IMM will work on backend, localisations and user assessment. Tages contributes with IMM to engaging new 3rd party developers to the open interface as detailed in the Dissemination



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