LYNXGeneral Description

Lynx ( was born in 1995 as a spin-off of Audiovisual Technology Laboratory of Education Science Department of Roma Tre University. Thus a multidisciplinary group of teachers, pedagogy researchers, software developers and graphists converged in a commercial enterprise with the aim of fully develop and put on the market real didactic software built from original prototypes. From the very beginning, Lynx designed software authoring tools as a part of digital learning environment (not only on single pc’s but also in classroom networks), where students and teachers were involved as active subjects in building knowledge. Lynx is cofounder of RePTiLS, a network of small enterprises adopting the F/LOSS business model.

Relevant Competence for the project

Lynx is leading SMEs cluster in the Province of Rome, gathering Open Source developers and SMEs to foster ICT and innovation in participatory approaches. LYNX is also promoting dev-camps, workhops and trainings on ICT, e-government and innovation for SMEs. In 2000 Lynx developed OpenSource platforms, mainly for collaborative e-learning (ADA), all released under GPL license. Lynx participated as a technological Partner in several European projects, co-funded mainly under Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, ICT-PSP programmes. In CIP-ICT/PSP eGOS project Lynx developed an opensource web-based platform (WISP) for distance communication.

Main role and activities to be carried out

Lynx will engage in the Smart Participation Pilot with the aim of identifying innovative co-working typologies and user-driven service innovations and to collaborate to the development of opensource software infrastructures to support Rome smart participation Pilot in Porta Futura. Lynx will also facilitate SMEs engagement in the project (WP 3) and will disseminate the CitySDK project to SMEs and open source developers based in Rome area.

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