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General Description

Lamia City provides public services for around 110 hundred inhabitants people in the fields of environment, transportation, city planning, water and waste management, infrastructure, road maintenance, health, housing, social activities, culture, education etc. Lamia is the capital of Region of Sterea Ellada and is located in the Central Greece. Municipality of Lamia, covers over 1 million square meters, employs over 400 persons and its income budget for 2011 is expected to be approximately 80 million€.

Relevant Competence for the project incorporates electronic services for citizens and businesses in a web based environment like e-payment, e-dialogue, e-complaints etc. is a portal where users can find applications like city-guide, constructions and public networks –management, traffic administration, urban and spatial data management. All the applications help users to find their needs and make analysis such as shortest path, drive time etc. The purpose of the portal includes the necessary Geoinformation systems (GIS) and applications for the operation of municipal services related to information and citizen service.

Main role and activities to be carried out

Municipality of Lamia is responsible for planning and replicating the services analyzed in the Work Packages as part of its normal operations and work process.


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