Smart Mobility

Lead Partner:Stichting Waag Society

The Project Partners envision a mobility service platform that enables smart applications, which allow people to make smart choices in travelling by tram, train, bike, bus, car, foot, etc. In the perfect world the SDK platform services would combine all these different data streams and provide you with the perfect solution real-time, at any time, based on your geo location; a personal assistant that monitors your trip all the way to your final destination that alarms you when there is a change of plans. The project will take first steps in reaching such a vision. By developing and making available existing services and applications, piloting them and opening the backend up to allow for third party development.


WP4 aims to define standards of SmartAPI, create and Pilot a personal travel assistant using a City SDK:

  • Defining standards of a SmartAPI as plug-in to the city’s infrastructure database from where the SDK can pull the information needed:
    • Making available sets of services and beta applications that make use of public and/or private transport data and build upon the notion of mobility as part of the user context
    • Creating digital catalogues and adapting static and real-time mobility information
    • Building on existing interfaces, services, co-operation and initiatives between the Cities and private Partners
    • Defining standards of a SmartSDK in mobility domain. Consider SDK as a smart s/w agent which, after installation, can do user profile definition with an auto-tuning procedure such as:

i. find available device settings (network connection, user geo-position etc)

ii. communicate with some central database to find the nearest city with SmartAPI

iii. localization kit

iv. personalization kit (from available device user profiles or the social networks)

v. regional mobility services

  • Experimenting, validating and performing the technical changes and adaptations required to extend results to other Pilot cities

Creating the conditions for developing and expanding to other widgets and/or applications for mobility on an European scale.

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