Smart Participation

Lead Partner:Helsingin Kaupunki

To package and Pilot CitySDK on the Citizen Feedback and Participation domain:


•           Building on existing interfaces, services, co-operation and initiatives of the Cities and the private Partners,

•           Creating real-time, automated citizen feedback mechanisms and interfaces to urban maintenance and development (“Write-City”)

•           Delivering end-to-end technical solutions involving the large volume engagement of the citizens as well as maintenance personnel

•           Exploiting also existing open construction and urban maintenance geodata

•           Focusing on urban maintenance and development over location based data, including but not limited to service types of “fix my street”, and including also rich media and real-time information

•           Piloting new kind of public and private roles, where City organisations provide standardized, open access to the interfaces and open source example widgets, and where the Citizen Reach and Engagement are a responsibility of the private Partner Media organisations, with existing high-volume local citizen on-line services already:

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