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General Description

Waag Society is an interdisciplinary non-profit media lab researching and developing new technology, art and culture. The mission is to work in interdisciplinary teams to provide meaning and give direction to the role of technology in society. In co-operation with end-users it develops technology that enables people to express, connect, reflect and share. It hosts events and plays an active role in debates about technology and related issues like trust, privacy and IP. Founded in 1994, Waag Society is part of the Dutch national infrastructure for the arts and culture. Its roots are in the Digital City (1994), the first online community aimed to question The Internet – in those days limited to science and defense – and make it available for everybody. Nowadays new technologies are to be explored and made usable, such as RFID, GPS, Fablabs, Cradle to Cradle and new forms of gaming, participation and distributed cooperation.

 Relevant Competence for the project

Waag Society has extensive experience with building interdisciplinary communities, project management in innovative and avant-garde projects and with the hosting of technical infrastructures of several cultural institutions in Amsterdam. Waag Society takes part in national and international programmes on Open Data. It is co-initiator of Apps for Amsterdam and Apps for Holland. These bring together future-minded civil servants and a community of hackers and civic innovators. Furthermore, it builds an Open Data service innovation infrastructure in the national programme Virtual Creative Collaboration Platform. Apart from this, Waag Society is partner in the Open Data working strand of Open Cities. Waag Society is co-founder of PICNIC Amsterdam – an interdisciplinary annual network festival bringing together and disseminating the ideas and knowledge of the world’s best creators and innovators.

Main role and activities to be carried out

Waag Society is Leader of WP4, and contributor to T2.1, 2.3, T5.4, T6.1 and 6.2.2.


For more information, please contact Job Spierings on [email protected].

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