Workshop Mobility in Amsterdam for CitySDK

On July 30th, 2012 Waag Society organized a workshop to gather new insights in people’s mobility needs. A group of inhabitants of Amsterdam was invited to share their experiences and inspire us. We used their input to define the requirements for meeting the user’s needs within the mobility domain. The workshop was intended to extract the universal user’s needs and not to provide the complete picture of users’ experiences. This workshop will help us define the required services/ functionalities to build applications that meet the user’s needs.

Workshop Mobility at the Waag

The workshop consisted of three parts. In the first part the participants analyzed the context; based on these insights new ideas were generated in the second part of the workshop. Finally we asked the participants to provide feedback on a vision movie we developed. Read all about the results of this meet up on our website and discover what the participants came up with during their analysis and idea generation.

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