The Smart Participation is one of the three Pilot domains in the CitySDK. The purpose of the pilot is to create an open interface that acts as an issue-reporting channel between the citizens and the civil servants. The pilot is based on the Open311 technology, which is a standardized protocol for location-based collaborative issue tracking.

Forum Virium Helsinki, together with Helsinki’s Public Works Department and Sanoma Media Company, has implemented the Smart Participation Lead pilot in Helsinki. The Pilot enables citizens to give feedback via commonly used virtual platforms or applications.

The Smart Participation Lead pilot is closely linked with Helsinki’s new centralized feedback system which was introduced in the beginning of 2013. In the Lead Pilot, interfaces are built between the new feedback system and other platforms to enable a direct flow of citizen feedback to relevant recipients in the City Hall. For the citizens, the pilot gives an opportunity not only to give feedback but also to follow it by applying commonly used digital services.

During the summer 2013, the Smart Participation concept has been expanded to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lamia, Lisbon, Manchester and Rome. These partner cities will enable the two-way issue-reporting channel for their citizens and an opportunity to develop the interface according to their special needs.

The open interface used in the Smart Participation pilot is shared with the developers. By using the Open113 -based technology the developers are able to create new applications that can easily travel across borders. For more information on co-operation, visit the CitySDK Developer’s site.

Further information on the Smart Participation pilot:

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts
Project Manager / Forum Virium Helsinki
Tel. +358 40 6749911

Jaakko Rajaniemi
Project Planner / City of Helsinki
+358 40 516 5931


Useful links:

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