The Smart Tourism Lead pilot focuses on creating location-based mobile services for tourists. The ultimate goal is to create a European-wide market for tourism applications based on Open Data made available by public or private entities. Implemented in Lisbon, the services guide tourists to experience the city in a new way, suggesting interesting attractions, thematic walks, or other nearby services.

The main output of the Tourism pilot is the final API to access Points of Interest (POI), Routes and Events information that, once deployed, will allow effortless transfer of applications among cities using CitySDK.

The Lead Pilot API  for Lisbon was published in early 2013 and several client apps for different use cases and different languages were produced to validate the API. In Lisbon, CitySDK will build up on existing open data initiatives, such as the Open Data Lx, which gives access nowadays to more than 300 POIs with relevant interest for tourism applications. For more information on CitySDK APIs, visit the Developer’s site.

The Lead pilot is coordinated by Lisbon Municipality, Instituto Superior Tecnico Portugal – the biggest engineer school in Lisbon – and Alfamicro – a Portuguese SME based in Cascais. The Smart Tourism interface has been replicated in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Lamia and Rome during the summer of 2013.


Further information on Smart Tourism pilot:

Nuno Xavier
Lisbon Municipality

Valter Ferreira
Lisbon Municipality

André Oliveira

Ricardo Pereira

Alvaro Oliveira

Jean Barroca

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