Scope and Objectives

Helping cities to open their data and giving developers the tools they need, the CitySDK project (January 2012–October 2014) aims for a step change in how to deliver services in urban environments. With governments around the world looking at open data as a kick start for their economies, CitySDK provides better and easier ways for the cities throughout the Europe to release their data in a format that is easy for the developers to re-use.

Taking the best practices around the world the project will foresee the development of a toolkit – CitySDK v1.0 – that can be used by any city looking to create a sustainable infrastructure of “city apps”.

Piloting the CitySDK

The Project focused on three Pilot domains: Smart Participation, Smart Mobility and Smart Tourism which resulted as three APIs: Open 311 API, Linked Data API and Tourism API. Within each of the three domains, a large-scale Lead Pilot is carried out in one city. The experiences of the Lead Pilot will be applied in the Replication Pilots in other Partner cities.


CitySDK (project reference 297229) is a 6.8 million Euro project, part funded by the European Commission (EU contribution 3.42 million). It is a Pilot Type B within the ICT Policy Support Programme of the Competitiveness and Framework Programme, area: CIP-ICT-PSP.2011.5.1 – Open Innovation for future Internetenabled Services in “smart” Cities.

Project runs from January 2012-October 2014.

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