Tourism API

The Tourism API focuses on creating location-based mobile services for tourists. Implemented initially in Lisbon, the API enables developers to access Points of Interest (POIs), routes and event information. Once deployed, the API’s single entry point allows for other cities to be added to an application as long as the same data is available.

What does the API do?


Following functionalities are provided by the API:

  • Points of Interest – describes all the POIs available in a given city;
  • Events – description of all the events that are being or have been undertaken;
  • Routes – minimal description of a group of ordered POIs.

There is one additional resource which is the categories, which is used for the categorization of our key resources. With this resource the client can retrieve information based on a given category or categories.


Spot in Helsinki/Lisbon/Lamia is a 3rd party application that was developed using the Tourism API and has since been developed in other European cities. Available to download from the Appstore as an iOS app and from the Google Play as an Android app.

Documentation, developers, source code

Main developer site:
Source Code:


The following cities have official implementations of the CitySDK Linked Data API:

Further information on the Smart Tourism pilot API:

Email: [email protected]

Key Links

Home page for the Tourism API:

Discovery Service (discover which cities are using the service):


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