Components of the Toolkit

CitySDK consists of the following components:

Discovery Servicethe CitySDK discovery service enables you to quickly find which cities and datasets are currently supported by the toolkit.

Open311 APIOpen311 was developed in the U.S. as a common standard for fault or issue reporting. We have utilised Open311 and developed an API that can be used for a wide range of purposes around consultation and participation.

Linked Data APIfocussing primarily on mobility datasets, but able to be extended to include a wide range of other data, the linked data API works with Open Street Map to provide a mapping interface for the city.

Tourism APIthe Tourism API was developed to make it much easier to create cross-city applications for tourism, identifying points of interest and events in each city.

Coming soon: Developer Tools – to make things easier for developers each of the APIs is well documented and source code is available for redeployment in your city.

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