Benefits for Developers

Developers can be working in SMEs, large enterprises, within public sector or on their own. What they do have in common is that they have good ideas on how to improve their city. Many have developed an application or service in one municipality that they would like to see scale to bigger markets. Apps could easily be redeveloped for other cities – if cities were more interoperable.

CitySDK aims to provide some of this interoperability by developing common interfaces between cities, and encouraging cities to release similar datasets in similar formats.

By using CitySDK APIs developers have access to:

• Various European cities’ uniform APIs

• Information about the relevant data sources available within the domains of Smart Participation, Smart Mobility and Smart Tourism

• Larger markets while only requiring minimum adaptation of the app

• Technology agnostic APIs

• Resources such as code libraries, apps and platforms

• Exchange knowledge and experiences through global CitySDK developer community

Reach 30 million inhabitants  – and more

CitySDK provides an opportunity for developers to engage with their city – whether or not they are one of the 8 partner cities – by providing some tools, interfaces and processes that can enable quicker implementation.

For developers who have never worked with the city, the toolkit provides an opportunity to do so. Developers should have a look at the Getting Started section for some help on working with cities, at the Components section to see what the toolkit currently consists of, and at the API specific pages (Open311, Linked Data API, Tourism API, Linked Events API, Open Decision API and Resource Reservation API) for more detailed technical information.

Six City Strategy Open Data and Interfaces project harmonising APIs

The Six Cities in Finland harmonise application programming interfaces, or APIs, and datasets, that enable the scalability of applications built on a specific city API to other cities providing a harmonised API.

Currently, the Six Cities are focused on four harmonised APIs:
Linked Events
Issue Reporting
Open Decision
Resource Reservation

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