Resource Reservation API

Making Use of the City’s Facilities

What does the Resource reservation API do?

The Resource Reservation API makes making reservations for facilities and resources quick and easy. The API enables users to find and reserve public spaces and resources, such as 3D printers, video projectors, or sewing machines. The results can be filtered for example based on type, purpose, location and availability. The API also makes it possible to implement booking applications that are scalable from city to city


  • Make reservations for resources managed by a city
  • Search for available rooms
  • Make and modify reservations


Documentation, developers, source code

The definition of the Resource Reservation API:


The following cities in Finland have official implementations of the Recource reservation API:

Further information:

City of Helsinki
[email protected]

City of Espoo
Jaana Suonsaari
[email protected]

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