Benefits for Cities

For cities, providing a harmonized API instead of a city-specific interface can bring in a greater variety of applications. With shared specs, reference implementations and running instances, the APIs and solutions are easily applied locally and adjusted to local needs. You can get a great overview by reading our cookbook and Open API recommendations for cities.

By implementing CitySDK and 6Aika APIs cities are able to:

• Utilize the know-how and resources of the cities with a CitySDK API or multiple APIs already deployed

• Manage data provision

• Capture the innovation potential and the expertise of the local and global community to the further development of urban digital services

• Provide the citizens with an option to choose from a wider selection of services, profiled to respond to the needs of different audiences

• Diminish the risks related to rapidly changing techological trends

Tested in 8 cities

The CitySDK has been developed with the involvement of 8 cities across Europe, so we understand some of the difficulties and problems cities face, and we have developed these tools to address some of these issues.

Because these tools have already been developed for the partner cities, your city can benefit from our experience and hopefully encourage innovation. The cookbook as well as the Getting Started section provides you with an easy guide to working with the CitySDK or the Components section describes what the toolkit consists of.

Further development of APIs in Six City Strategy

The work that started with the CitySDK project has been continued in Finland as part of the Six City Strategy (6Aika), a cooperation between the six largest cities in the country. Read more about the development of APIs in the 6Aika project.

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