European Network of Living Labs

General Description

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international, independent association of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and worldwide (founded in November 2006) with 274 accepted Living Labs. The ENoLL international non-profit association, as the legal representative entity of the network ENoLL Office in Brussels. Within ENoLL different clusters form a dedicated network of thematic organized Living Labs, such as Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Future Internet etc.. These networks allow innovators to perform user tests of Future Internet systems and services on a European scale. With all of this, ENoLL is able to mobilise the entire living lab community and to avoid any fragmentation of efforts. In addition, ENoLL is a Partner in dissemination activities in three EU-CIP-projects (Smart City –Pilots granted in 2010) namely EPIC, SmartiP, Peripheria. ENoLL is also a Partner in the newly launched Concord-project, Future Internet PPP programme Facilitation and Support action that advances the European Future Internet research by supporting European Commission in successful implementation of a coherent FI PPP programme (

Relevant Competence for the project

ENoLL creates the possibility to connect Partners through numerous on-going EU projects (e.g. COLLABS, Apollon, Fireball, Save Energy, CONCORD etc.), as well as address the Living Lab community, as well as related stakeholders like the Future Internet Community, or Local, Regional, National and European key stakeholders.

Main role and activities to be carried out

Taking part in the dissemination activities in the project together with all the Partners, in the Work Package 6 (Dissemination and Impact) especially in disseminating the results form the project to the Living Labs community. Taking part in the overall dissemination efforts through specific project defined outlets and channels, creation of specific policy notes, newsletters, and press releases in relation to the project. Hosting events in Brussels for dissemination and involvement of interested Partners. ENoLL will also participate in WP2 technological framework in introducing open innovation requirement and best practises.

Contact Details

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