Arts Holland offers cultural Linked Open Data

Last week, Waag Society and it’s partners released Arts Holland. This platform is the primary resource for Linked Open Data on tourism and culture in the Netherlands and will play a role in the tourism (replication) pilot of CitySDK. The platform offers Linked Open Data to be used within CitySDK.

Linked Open Data is freely accessible data that is linked to other sources to make it more useful. Thanks to a special way of structuring data, computers are able to understand the meaning and the context. This makes searching for information a lot more effective and efficient. It is easier to find data and follow relevant links to find additional contextual information. Unlocking Linked Open Data stimulates innovation, because services can be developed that would otherwise be too expensive or technically unfeasible.

User friendly
Imagine a mobile application for tourists visiting the Netherlands. When a tourist searches for ‘places of interest in Amsterdam’, the application will give suggestions based on his preferences, his current location and the time of the day. Once the visitor has chosen an activity the app tells him how to get to the venue. With a traditional search application the tourist would receive millions of documents containing the words ‘places of interest in Amsterdam’. In that way it would be very difficult to find events beyond the highlights, and he would have to find out for himself how to get there.

If you want to access the Linked Open Data on the Arts Holland platform, get an API-key on the website:
For more information about the platform or Linked Open Data, contact Waag Society.

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