CitySDK at Vodafone Big Apps in Lisbon

During the summer as we updated the CitySDK website there were a number of key events which used the CitySDK APIs in developing new applications.

Lisbon, who have led on the development of the CitySDK Tourism API, hosted the Vodafone Big Apps contest. A two day “app-athon” with large prizes – we saw a wealth of great ideas, with CitySDK acting as one of the sponsors of the event, and the CitySDK API key to the development of exciting new projects.

lisbon big apps logo

From the Big Apps website:

“After 2 intense days in the Appathon, we were proud to see all the teams step up on stage and pitch their ideas with great professionalism. This year, we added a rule that all the teams have a working prototype by the final day and exhibit it to all those present.

The result was incredible as the teams pushed the envelope producing a final product worthy of being released on the day. Our sincere congratulations go out to everyone for all their hard work and commitment.

We know it’s a terrible cliché but this year; there were many winners worthy of the final prizes. So don’t be surprised if you see several teams releasing their products in the coming months.

Now onto the official winners:

Overall Winner was Through My Eyes with their crowd sourced itinerary app that will blow you away once you get your hands on it.

In the Tourism Category, the winner was Crash & Play, the app that enables musicians to keep grooving even when they are away from home.

City Apps winner was Near By, a content and publicity platform that uses the new iBeacon technology to push discounts, offers and other information to customers nearby.

The two honorable mentions went to Story Trail and LX Viewer.

The Popular Vote went to My Creative Experience for the second most votes as Through My Eyes had the most votes but as overall winners, the second best was chosen.”


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