CitySDK Shortlisted for ODI Awards

Britain’s Open Data Institute has been doing some great work since it began two years ago, with data visualisation showcases, new training courses and workshops, incubation of some of the best new data businesses, and making the case in the UK and internationally for more and better open data.

With their Open Data Summit taking place in London at the start of November, we were very pleased to hear that CitySDK has been nominated in their first open data awards, in the category of Best Open Data Publisher.  (For a link to a spreadsheet of all the nominations go here.) In the words of the judges CitySDK is “the best effort to date to release realtime city data in a uniform way.”

Representatives from CitySDK will be at the Gala Dinner on 4th November in London. We hope to see others from the open data community there.

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