How Greek Public Sector can benefit from Open Data?


Open data is freely available to anyone without any copyright restrictions for monitoring, reproduction or even further redistribution. If we assure of the emerging privacy concerns and also open data from the Greek Public Sector, we can doubtlessly raise the reliability of Greece in the eyes of the world. Moreover cities with open data, can achieve:

  • Effective control of city’s administration and evaluation of every decision and management practices. If we all have access to these data, then we can check the correctness and validity of the decisions of local government.
  • Protection of the environment. Βy providing open access to geospatial data, such as protected areas or seashore, every citizen can identify potentially illegal acts and indicate them at the appropriate public authorities.
  • Reduction in resource utilization by the public administration.
  • Development and competitiveness improvement. Public administration’s data, are useful for developing new products, improving business services, reducing cost of goods and services, evaluating investments within the country, as well as in many other areas.

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