Istanbul Public Transportation Information System

  As cities grow due to increasing population, the pressure on transportation systems increases as well, which results in more complex challenges. In the big cities transportation alternatives evolving along with the depending on geography. Istanbul is the one of luckiest cities in this respect. Roads and railways as well…

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Come to Istanbul for Hackathonist!

Nowadays, we see that the developer community is really interested in hackathon events all over the world in order to develop interesting and useful applications collaboratively. These events are also named as “DevCamp”, “Hackday”, “CodeFest”, “Innovation Challenge”, “Unconference”, etc. in various cities. Now, a new name for the list: “HACKATHONIST”!…

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The Netherlands from a New Perspective

therlands' buildings by age

by Ron Boonstra, reposted from Waag Society On Friday 30 August I was sitting next to developer Bert Spaan when he put the finishing touch to his datavisualisation of all buildings of the Netherlands, according to their year of construction and I just had some time left to put the fact…

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Visualising Everything

XX Go Viral

Over the last few months there has been a shift in how we are seeing news media use data, in that the tools and skills are now embedded enough in mainstream news organisations (and blogs and other sources) to see instant responses to particular news stories. Perhaps not surprisingly a…

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